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Serial Killer Took His Secrets to His Execution

There are many arguments as to whether the Death Penalty should be a fixture in the United States. But even those that disagree with it will admit that they are not sad that John Wayne Gacy was executed for his crimes two decades ago. The Serial Killer left a trail of tears and horror from 1972 to 1978. He was confirmed to have killed 33 teenaged boys and young men. Gacy, would sexually abuse and murder his targets often by strangulation. Some of his victims had even done odd jobs for the construction company owner. Gacy had the public fooled. He was a married father who was known as an upstanding member of his community. He would often dress up as a clown to entertain young children at parties.

When he was finally arrested, the news shocked the country and made news across the globe. Gacy had buried 26 of his victims under the crawlspace of his home at Neptune Park Township in Illinois. Several others were buried on other parts of the property and several were dumped at the Des Plaines River. Until his death by execution in 1994, he would deny any involvement in the deaths of his victims. Sadly, Law Enforcement believes Gacy may have more victims in Illinois and neighboring states. He took that secret as well the identities of four of his victims who to this day have not been identified. It is possible that they may have been abducted some of the unidentified at bus stops (Gacy would pretend to be a police officer). IT is likely that the four are runaways or even transients. Two of his known victims were from Michigan and Minnesota, so it is possible that his seven unidentified victims could be from there or anywhere in the US.

Gacy's victims were all white males. The remaining seven unidentified are believed to have ranged in ages between ages 14 to 32. They ranged in height from possibly 5 foot 2 inches to 6 foot 2 inches. Some of the older victims could have been male prostitutes but that is not confirmed. DNA has been recovered from all the victims and identification is possible. If you believe your loved one could be a victim of John Wayne Gacy "The Clown Killer" please visit this website

UPDATE 7-19-2017: James "Jimmie" Haakenson who was sixteen years old has been identified as one of Gacy's unidentified murder victims. It is highly likely that the remaining unidentified victims of Gacy are from other states and not from Illinois.

Decades Apart - Two Babies Dead and Nameless

The town of Greenwich is best known as being one of the wealthiest towns in America. It's had it's fair share of homicides including the famous Martha Moxley murder in 1976. Ten years later, another murder victim was found in town but police and the public don't talk about it much at all. It was May 16th, 1986 when a sanitation worker found the remains of a newborn infant that had been placed in a dumpster at the Town Hall Annex apartments at 27 Havemeyer Place. An autopsy would prove that the male child died from ashyxiation. He was 3 pounds 10 ounces and described as having "black features". It is believed that the mother of the child may have been from out of town but either she or someone she knew was familiar with the Greenwich area. The baby could have been hispanic or bi-racial. The mother of the dead baby could have been a teenager. If you have any information about this case please call the Greenwich Police Department at (203) 340-9752. You call can remain confidential.

Decades earlier on February 26th 1954, the body of a baby girl found in a lavatory in a Westport Bath Room Rest Stop. The child's mother was believed to be around five foot four and around 30 years old. She was on a greyhound bus from New York City to Boston but had gotten off in New Haven.

Was Dead Hitchhiker from Connecticut?


It was October 18th 1984 near the small town of Malvern, Arkansas. An Unidentified white male died as a result of a car accident when the vehicle he was in landed in a body of water. The other occupant of the car (the owner) managed to get out safely. The victim had been under water for as long as 30 minutes and died two days from his injuries. His name is not known and it is believed he had been hitchhiking when he was picked up by the owner of the vehicle in Louisville, Kentucky. The owner of the car was driving to Houston, Texas and allowed the hitchhiker to come along. During the drive, the owner of the vehicle allowed the victim to drive while he (the owner) went to sleep. Shortly after the victim took the wheel, the two got into a car accident.

The deceased is a White male 5'8"; 167 lbs and around the ages of 25 to 35 years. He had medium to dark brown hair which measured about 6 inches in length. The deceased also had a bushy, brown beard, brown eyes a small circular scar on his left ankle. Found on him were: Brown boot shoes; a pair of red, black and white sweat socks sized M8; a cut brown sweater; 28 x 32 Corduroy trousers; and multicolored long sleeved shirt " John Henry " (his neck size was 14 1/2 inches (32-33)). There is a belief that he may have been from the New Haven, Connecticut area. He may have also been trying to get to California. If anyone has any information as to who please contact the Hot Spring County Coroners Office at 501-732-0561 . You can email them at

To see a post-mortem photo of the unidentified please click here. Picture is not gory but still could be disturbing to some.

Baby's Names a Mystery

The afternoon of Feb. 28, 1981, when law enforcement went to Sycamore Avenue of Sioux Falls in South Dakota and found the body of a newborn baby boy. It is believed that the baby had been in the ditch by the side of the road around 24 hours and may have lived only a few hours. The boy appeared to have been born healthy, nearly full-term, and the coroner concluded hypothermia and blood loss likely took his life. One interesting note is that the umbilical cord was still attached to the child. The boy was given the name "Andrew" and his last name and that of his parents is still unknown.

If you have any information about this case, please call the Sioux Falls Police Department at 605-367-7234.

Unidentified Body an Early Victim of the Long Island Serial Killer(s)?

It was a grisly discovery and a catch that the fisherman will never forget. On March 3rd, 1993, the Thunder Bay, a 76-foot trawler, got a catch from water 800 feet deep about 80 miles south of Point Judith in Narragansett, Rhode Island at around 10:35 pm. The fishing crew found a torso and head of a deceased human. A forensic examination revealed that the body may have been of a female. There are questions as to how the body got there? A boatwreck. A stowaway. Or maybe the woman had been a victim from Long Island or (Rhode Island) and whose body was taken out by the ocean current. It's a mystery as to who she is and what happened to her.

Who Was Barefoot Doe?(s)?

Mental illness can be crippling to individuals and to their families. Since May 12th 1986, the identity of a white male transient remains a mystery. He was killed in a car accident in the area Valley View and Chapman streets in Garden Grove, California. The Orange County Medical Examiner made the following observations about the unknown man. He has no shoes at the time of death and probably did not wear shoes for months if not years. His clothes were pretty dirty and he had a scruffy beard. He was estimated to be between the ages of thirty and fifty. Brown hair, brown eyes and balding. He was around 145 pounds and five foot nine. He wore green pants and gray T-shirt. Despite him being a possible transient, he did have teeth that were well cared for. He may have started his lifestyle within the last year of his life. For more information about this case please click on

Connecticut River Reveals Dead with No Names

Whether it's suicide, accidental or murder. The Connecticut River has seen it's fair share of human bodies for hundreds of years. Many of those found are never claimed or even named. The City of East Hartford has two cases where bodies were found but never identified. One of those was of a white male who was found near the Charter Oak Bridge on August 10, 1986. The Medical Examiner estimated that his body may have been in the water between six to eight months. His age was believed to be between the ages of fifty and sixty years old and he was five foot four and a half tall. According a Hartford Courant article, he was found wearing a lined dungaree jacket, a long sleeve shirt, a blue cardigan sweater, two pairs of pants gray and brown which were held up by blue suspenders. His remains were buried in the Old South Cemetery in town.

In the summer of 1965, the badly decomposed body of a man between the ages of 40 to 65 years old was found in the river not far from Colts Street. According to the Hartford Courant, the body is believed to have been in the water for around a month. The man was missing his three upper teeth, wore a white shirt with blue checks, black pants and crepe sole shoes with slits near the small toe in each side. His remains were also buried in the Old South Cemetery.

Blackstone River Victim Never Identified nor Killer Found

It was January 31, 1990, when the severely decomposed remain of a still unidentified black female were found caught in some rocks in the Blackstone River in Woonsocket, Rhode Island. Partially naked, she had a pair of black sweatpants wrapped around her ankles. She wore red socks with white socks under those socks on both feet. The MEdical Examiner believes she was around the ages of 17 to 18 years old. She was believed to be around 100 pounds and five foot two. She had three rings on her left hand; a yellow band with double hearts on her index finger, pinkie finger had a ring with a turquoise stone in it, her ring finger had a gold band with a possible diamond. Her body may have been in the water for four weeks and she had her head cracked open. The case is believed to be a homicide but no cause of death has been publicly given out.

If you have any information about this Jane Doe please call the Woonsocket Police Department at (401) 766-1212.

Princess Doe - The Real Friday the 13th Murder

Friday the 13th Victim Created in 1980, the movie Friday the 13th scared and horrified movie goers. The movie spawned a dozen sequels and it's main villain has become a major part of American Culture. The movie took place at the fictional Camp Crystal Lake where, several camp counselor and visitors would lose their lives in horrible deaths. The movie was actually filmed in New Jersey at a Boy Scout camp named Camp No-Be-Bo-Sco in the town of Hardwick. Several of the scenes in the first movie that took place in town were filmed in the Blairstown. Four decades later, the movies, especially the original are cult classics.

The town of Blairstown takes pride in the fact that many of the scenes of the classic slasher movie was filmed there. However, the town of Blairstown has a real life murder mystery in their hands. A murder that occurred just two years after the showing of the movie. Even though the murder did not occur on Friday the 13th, the victim was found in the town of where the original movie was filmed. It is a brutal crime that has never been solved.

For more information visit

Was This Woman and her Killer Ever Identified

We are not sure if this case was ever solved. Around October 12th or 13th in 1973, the body of a white female estimated age 20 to 35 years old was a victim of strangulation and found in a trunk. She had black hair and was around five foot one and 109 pounds. The trunk was made of plywood and covered with black paper. The trunk was found two miles from Stamford, CT and four miles from Eaton's Neck, New York. The victim wore a size seven cotton dress with a purple, green red floral design on a beige background. She also wore silver color nail polish. There were other unusual items including a gold wedding band that was inscribed "Bristol 14-K". It is likely that Law Enforcement from Suffolk County is investigating the case, fingerprints were given to the FBI in 1974. The theory from newspaper articles is that the trunk floated along the Connecticut coastline. It has also been weighted with an anchor and a grappling hook. The case is mentioned because if it is still unsolved, it is not on any of the unidentified databases.

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