Email Addresses of Known Scammers and Spammers

People get them all the time, emails promising money, love or telling the receiver that they have a problem with some business accounts. Most people are aware enough not to fall for these scams, yet these criminals still steal billions of dollars a year from unsuspecting individuals worldwide. Below is a list of email addresses used by known scammers. NOTE: We do not recommend sending abusive or threatening emails to the scammers using these emails as this could be considered criminal in nature.

If you received a questionable email and want to see if the sender is on this list. Use the ctrl + f function and type in the name.

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Many of the scam emails come from Nigeria, Ghana, Benin and Jamaica. However, scammers come from all countries, religions, and ethnic groups. But be wary of promises that seem to be good to be true. If you need to keep track of many emails, content or tasks you might want to invest in software that can maintain and organize daily projects. CMMS software can provide daily maintenance on any job site. and - They have a special donation for you. Notice the two different email addresses. That's a clue that it is a hijacked email with a thief behind it. - Phishing scam. Avoid the link or you might be sorry. - They try to be nice guys by telling you not to text and drive but in actuality they are nasty bastards because they want to scam you of your money. Don't click the link and delete this email. - Inheritance Scammer - Inheritance Scammer - Fake Business Inheritance Scammer - Phishing Scam (asks to click on phone number) - Asks you to cash check and give them money back (check is fake) - Asks for fee in exchange for large sum of money - Phishing scam or just commercial spammer, be wary of clicking on links - Phishing Scam Dating sites - Phishing Dating Scam - Don't click on links - Phishing Scam pretends to be from Whats App and claims receiver has voice mail - Scammer claims to be from Western Union and wants money wired to them - Scammer claiming to be Western Union. - Scammer claiming to give away money. Wants fees paid to deliver cash. - Scammer advertising funds. Harsh Response if you say no. - Inheritance scam. - Claimed to be from United Nations with money to award. - Fake Western Union Email address looking for information - Promises to give out money - fake. - Fake inheritance. - Promise to give funds and probably looking for fees to be paid - Claims you won a promotion. Claimed to be with both facebook and microsoft. - Mr. Philimon A. Asare claims to be a retired banker at the Standard Chartered Bank Ghana. He has 1.8 million dollars for you because he is critically ill. I think he's not sick, he's just majorly constipated. - Offers an ATM Card with large amount of money to use. - Offers shipment of boxes with millions of dollars in them - Claims they want to invest but really want your banking account information - Fake Loan company. - Fake Lottery. Looking for fees. - Chase Mobile claims you have unusual activity on your Chase Mobile card. Strange. I never got a chase mobile card. Probably a good idea not to click on the phishing link. Rachel Thomas has sent you personal message from linkedin. Notice that it is from the domain name It's a phishing scam. & & - Scammers from Uraguay using the name Mohammod want your personal information. Delete and move on. - Fake Donation to receiver - Claims to be soldier, financial scam - Says they are from DHL and courier. Nope. Just a stupid scammer. - Wants to give you an ATM with lots of money. Really wants you to be their ATM. - Claims they want to give you money from dieing widow. Your bank account will die if you fall for this. - Another inheritance scam. - Wants you to send them money or give financial information. Scammer. - Uses name of Great Britain's Prime Minister. CLaims to be with government but actually with criminal enterprise. - Claims to be a philanthropist. Yet the only giving they'll give you is a hole in your checking account - Scammer looking to give you money that doesn't exist. - Romance phishing scam. Stay away from the links - Phishing Scam claims to be form youtube and claims that you missed email. - Romance Phishing scam. Claims they found your profile from facebook. - Phishing scam. Claims your out of email storage space. - Spammer. Careful of link. - Phishing scam that claims you have arrest record. Sender should be the one with the arrest record. - Phishing scam. Claims you have an unread email. This is one email you wish you never read. - Phishing scam - Claims you missed phone call. - Claimed to be from facebook. Another phishing scam. Stay away from the link - Offers money but asks for bank account information. - Another phishing scam. - Another spammer. Avoid the link - Classifieds and/or Craigslist scammer. Sends you check and wants difference returned. After sending difference, check turns out to be fraudulent. - Looking for bank account information to steal money from. - Advance fee scammer. - Phishing scam. Tried to give gmail reminder despite not having a gmail address. - Yet another phishing scam. - Wants to give you a donation. In actuality an advance fee scam. - Scam from China. Tries to encourage website owner to buy domain rights in China. charges outrageous money for goods. - Phishing scam claims to be from CVS. Notice it comes from droppedtip and not CVS.

bu - Promises grant of 550,000. Phishing scam trying to get you to click on link - Phishing scam. - Looking to give you a loan. In reality just looking for your financial information to steal. - Advance fee scammer email address from japan. Most likely the scammer is not from there. - Another scammer from outside the United States - Claims your credit score needs changing. IT is a phishing scam. - Big time phishing scam. Claims to have done business with you. They will illegally if you download any attachments.

- Spammer. be wary of links in email. & - World Bank Delegation wants to talk to you about your unpaid funds. Fill out your information and send them money that you will never see again. - Another Whatsapp phishing scam. Too bad the only thing you can delete with this is the email and not the sender. & Claims to be with the Federai Bureau of Investigation, notice how they spelled that wrong. They tell you that you have 11.5 million owed to you. Send your money to Nigeria to Martin George hey he's such a nice guy he gives you his Cell Phone number +234-9097646315 & - Lamia NAel is from Syria and has a business proposal for you. Another fraudster. - Deidre O'Sullivan has a linked in message for you and it's a phishing scam. - Claims to be from the World Bank with an attached word document. Probably a computer virus sent by a real human virus. - Another Phishing scam. - Ask you to click on links. You'll probably go broke after that. - Asks you to verify arrest record by clicking on link. They should be arrested for this phishing scam. - Claims to pay via ATM Payment. Most likely another Advance Fee Scammer. - Claims to be from AOL Billing. Phishing scam. Probably claims to be from many different companies. - Tried to get me to click a link for tire coupons in 2014. It's 2016. Another scammer/spammer. - Claims to be from law office credit repair place. But really just another scumbag scammer. - Scam email address with South Korean domain. Asks you to download a letter. More like a trojan horse that will steal your passwords and financial records. - Another phishing scam hoping for a quick click on a link and you'll lose big time. - Another advance fee scammer - Another stupid inheritance scammer, beware the link. Claims to be FBI and that you owe them money. This is an extortion scam. This is not the FBI's email address. - Another email address used in a fake FBI extortion. If you are unsure of an FBI extortion email, contact the FBI through their website and their phone number. - Another phishing scam - Another scammer. - Claimed to be from Coca-Cola, wants you to click on download with malicious software. - Your Amazon order is ready?? Yeah, right. Another phishing scam/spam. - Claims to be from google. Phishing scam. - Claims you missed messages from google. Don't click on the links. - Tells you to claim your 100 dollar gift card. it's a phishing scam. - Advance Fee scammer. Claims to have 30 million dollars. Yeah, right. - Claims to have missed messages from Google. Phishing scam, don't click on the links. - Claims you have linked in messages. What they really have are trojan horses and virus if you click on their links. - Fed Ex Scam. Don't click on the hyperlink. - Gives you a greeting in Arabic for Peace. Should really give you the arabic word for sucker. Another Advance Fee scam. - Advance fee scammer claiming to be dieing. - Another scammer promising money, but you got to pay to see it. - Linkedin message scam. Don't click on the link. - Business proposition scam. - Advance fee scam with international number. - Part of the advance fee scam international number from Togo. - Linked in Scammer trying to get you to click on links - Claims to be from Bank of America. Using french domain. Promising money but really scam artist. - Another Bank of Africa scammer. Ignore or delete email. - More Bank of Africa Advance Fee Scammers. - Another scam from West Africa talking about Bank of America and fake funds. - Phishing Scam claiming to be from Chase. Don't click on the link. - Scam promising a check. Scammer is from Vietnam. - PRomises check in return for large check. There is no check, just a scam. and - Possible romance scam or one seeking charity. - Another Western Union Scam looking for money to be sent to them in Benin. Too bad you can't send them dog excrement instead. - Claims to be from China and wants to give you money. Bullsh*t. - Claims to be in hospital dying from cancer and wants to give you their money. For a price of course. Another criminal liar. - Tries to tell you that you have a criminal record. Don't click on link. - Romance scam. and - part of an advance fee scam promising fictitious money. - Linked in phishing scam - Tech Support Phishing Scam. - Another dying widow promising riches. The only thing dying here is the scammers morals. - Another Dying Widow scam. Beware. - Another fraudster claiming your paypal account needs to be updated. Another phishing scam. Paypal scammers. Don't download the attachment. - Criminal records Phishing scam. Don't fall for it and stay away from the link. - Romance scam. Avoid downloading anything in this email. and - Claims to be giving out charity but more like looking for stupidity to make money. Stay away from these crooks. - Fake Fed Ex phishing scam. Just delete email from this person. - Claims to have a donation for you. In actuality they want a donation from their victim Elizabeth Kang from Switzerland is dying and wants to give you 25 million but she wants your hard earned money first. - Fake Linked in Phishing scam. - Fake proposal. Stay away and don't download document. - Fed Ex Phishing Scam. - Claims to want your business. It should be none of your business. and - Fake funds. Stay away from contact. - Fake soldier advance fee scam. - Claims to be Libyan and dying. Dying to rip you off with promises of a fortune (fake of course). - Linkedin message scam. Don't click on the link. - Advance fee scammer claiming they have fortune. - Linked in Phishing scam. - phishing scam claiming to missed messages from google. Avoid the link. - More spam/scam links. - Another phishing trick. Stay away from the link. - Fake Advanced Fee Scam. - Fake Fed Ex message. Don't click on the link or your computer and your financial information may be sorry. - She wants to split a fortune with you but for a price. Watch how this person will take your money and pull a David Copperfield and disappear. - Another scammer claiming that they are dieing so they can scam you out of money for their fake inheritance. One day, Karma will strike these scammers. - Mr. Albert from the bank has 14 million dollars for you. Another fraud artist. - Another Linkedin Message scam. Click on the link and they'll steak your passwords. - Claims to be from Bank. Don't even think about downloading the pdf file or anything else they want you to. - Claims you have messages. Here is a real message for you. Delete the email and don't click on the link. - Promises you a fortune from North Carolina. Another advance fee scam. - Another phisihing scam claiming to have missed messages from someone on google. and - Advance fee scam claiming to give away money. - Claims to be suffering from terminal kidney cancer. In reality they really want you to piss your money away. - Another Bank of Africa scam claiming they have money for you. - Fake message from romancer. Wants you to click on their link. It'll break more than your heart if you do that.

RHuber@NCWC.EDU and - Fake BBC Awards. Stay away from any links in email. - Business proposal scam. and - Promises ATM Card with lottery winnings. Only wants you to pay several hundred dollars for it. SCAM - Student Loan forgiveness Spammers. My be legit. But I don;t have any student debt. - Fake paypal phishing scam. Don't click on the links. They will steal your information. - Claims to have money from Kenya. Stay way. - A message from Bernie Scott from a so called linkedin account. Another click and lose it scam. and - Two more scammers from a foreign country promising riches that don't exist and waiting to take your money and run. - Advance fee scam claiming to be from Thailand. - phishing scam that claims to be from google. Don't click. - Claims to have security box in bank full of money. Absolute fraud. - Very sneaky phishing scam from fake Wells Fargo account. Don't click on the link. and - Advance Fee Scammer looking for random business partners. and - Ask you to help hide their money. Only money they have will be yours. Stay away from them. - Claims to have linked in message. Don't click on the link. - A classic spammer. - Claims to want you as their company representative, yet they don't tell you what their business is. SCAM - Another missed message but it's a phishing scam. - Another scammmer claiming you missed a google voice message. Delete the email immediately. & - Claims to have worked at Tunisian embassy. Just another internet liar. - Claims to be from Zhizu Steel Corp. with money for you. She just wants to steel your money. & - Claims you have won a sweepstakes from the United Nations. Not true. -- Claims you have a Microsoft reward. - Claims they received your resume and want you to followup by clicking link. BEWARE: Don't. - Claims that your tried to logon onto a Wells Fargo. It's a phishing scam do not click on the link. - Fake Linkedin messages. Don't click the link. - Fake message from someone claiming to be google support. Notice the last part of the email is not from It's a phishing scam. - Advance Fee Scam with foreign phone number. +226 66 64 03 63 and paypal phishing scam. - They may sound legit, but it is a scam, scam, scam. Don't click on their website either as it may also be a phishing link. - claims to want funds to buy bibles. In actuality just wants the money for drugs, hookers and rent. - Another scam trying to get you to use Western Union to get you to send them money. There is no reward from these bastards. Just financial pain. - Claim to call themselves Alison and Bruce. Phishing Scam. and Business proposal from Mrs. Chen. YEAH, she want's to take your money. - BEWARE: Phishing Scam claims you need to upgrade your information from chase. Notice how the 2nd part of the email address doesn't say IT says Complete fraud. - Promises to give you 6.5 million dollars. After giving them your money. You'll still be waiting.... for an eternity. - Phishing scam claims you won Walmart Gift Card. - Claims to call themselves Brandon Caldwell and is giving you a wire confirmation. Don't download any files in this email. Bad things will happen to your computer. and - Fake Award. Total Ripoff. and - West African name claiming to be from Mongolia to give you money. Another scam. and - Fake Job Recruiters promising work yet looking for fees to be paid to them. and - Claim to have $600,000 in funds for you from Vietnam. Obviously a scam. - PayPal scam trying to get you to download virus.

USAA - Phishing scam. Delete before downloading.

Stephen Mensah & - Bank Manager from Ghana in West Africa. Their number is +233231874010. They try to come off being religious. They're more satanic. - Sir Charles Colocino is a senior officer at John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) New York and wants to give you 12.5 million dollars. He wants all your personal information and then he'll steal all your money. - Another fake Fed Ex Scam wanting you click on their link so they can hack your computer. - Claims to be from Costco. Phishing scam. Don't click on the link. - Fake Paypal email. Don't download the attachment. - Tells you that your Transunion and experian scores have changed. Don't click on the link. Malware software possible. and -Rev Tony Johnson is an Advance Fee scammer. PRomises money. Has nothing for you. and - Claims to be from Bank of Dubai. Scammer. - Fake employment scam. and - Fake Romance scammer from South Sudan. -- Fake advance fee scammer. Claims to be your financial advisor for a relative you have never heard of. and - Claims you have a UPS package available and wants a $105 fee. Stay away. Fake. - Fake employment offer. Website is Has one page that works and the rest don't. Don't reply back. It is a work from home scam that will leave you paying the scammer and you getting nothing. - Claims to have package from Fed Ex for you. Don't click on the link in email. - Key Financial Bank Phishing scam. Notice how the email does not even mention bank in it?

service@intl.pαypα and - Claims your paypal credit card has been denied. Complete phishing scam. and - Mrs. Chen wants to give you a business proposal. She wants you to give her all your money in exchange for nothing. - Scammer claims to be from Ivory Coast and has her money locked up by a warlord. Let's hope she get's locked up for this attempt of a scam. - Student Loan Spammers. - Claims you have a free ATM card from Benin, in Africa. It's Mr.Ray Kandi Group Head, Global Payments. BANK OF AFRICA PORTO NOVO Tel:+229-990-761-27 Another fraud. - Phishing scam. - Claims to need you transfer money for them to help their only dying child. They're playing on sympathy and it's bulls^^t. They want money from you and will give you nothing in return. - Claims to be in Libya refugee camp and wants to transfer money from their dead father to you. Despite the fact that they don't even know your name. - Possible malware linking email. Avoid clicking on the link. - What's App phishing scam. Delete this one quickly. and - Ryen Koury claims you won some PCH Promo. NEver heard of it, I'm sure you haven't either. and - Claims to be a US soldier in Iraq with a fortune for you. and - Alima Kafando has 3.2 million for you. Well, she wants to pretend she does. SCAM - Mr. Collins Opara from Zenith Bank want to give you money. There's nothing to give but a hole in your account. - Another scammer from Africa. As usual they never address you by your real name. - Barrister. Barry Christopher trying to steal your hard earned money. - Fake investment proposal scheme. and - Fake ATM card promise. Just delete this email. - Phishing scam using whatsapp application. Delete this one as well. - Another online fraud scam. and - Scam claiming to have rich relatives from Kenya. - Emails claiming that emails from youtube are deferred. Don't click on link. - Fraud claiming to be Aisha Gaddafi, the only daughter of former Libyan Dictator Mummar Gaddafi. Email promises you a fortune. It's too bad the rebels didn't take out this scammer like they did to the real Gaddafi. and - Promises you money from all places, a business partner in Bangladesh. SCAM. and and - Scam claiming to be from FBI. Notice the emails don't look right. and - Claims they won the Powerball and wants to give you a donation. They only lottery they won is your money if you fall for their scheme. - Fake Business proposal. and Claims to be from United Nations with an abandoned package from Nigeria. In reality she should be kicked in their own personal package. - Phishing scam claims to be from Bank of America. Don't click on the link. and - Proposal scam. Hit delete on this one. and - Romance Scam...... - Fraudulent phishing email. Don't download attachment. and - Fake money proposal scam. , LL@BB.COM and - Pharmaceutical Scam. Don't take them seriously - Tried to get you to click on link by claiming you have a facebook message. Phishing scam. - Sister Wilson has a phishing scam she wants you to download. Avoid the link and delete. and - Want to discuss business via the phone from their country in Benin. Claim they have millions. SCAM. - Online job bulls#@t - Brandon Loflint wants you to download malware so he can steal your vital information. - Wells Fargo Phishing scam. Delete and don't click on the link.

ONOPHARLTD@OUTLOOK.COM - Fake proposal from pharmaceutical company. - What'sapp phishing scam. Stay away. and - Fake assistance scam. and - Scammer claiming to give you money from Kenya. and - Claims to be from Carlos Slim Charitable Foundation. Stay away. and - Lilliane Bettencourt made a donation to you. More like they want it the other way around. - Fake fortune scam claims to be US Soldier in Syria. - Romance Phishing scam. - Another romance scam. Avoid and delete. and - Fake Lottery/Phishing scam. & - Another scam from West Africa. Big Surprise there. - Promised 24 millions dollars transfer to you. They only want you to transfer hundreds of dollars to them before you the fictitious money. and - Wants your friendship. But it comes at a cost of thousands of dollars. With friends like these, they really are enemies. and - Claims to be doing G-d's work by donating money to you. Complete scam. - Mrs. Sismer Shirley Acojedo and Wilfred Kabore want to scam you by promising you 4.7 million dollars. - Mr. Hassan Alwan Ali. looking to make a deal with you that will rip you off. - Looking to give you fake money from a bank in West Africa. Avoid this one. - Hook up/phishing scam. - Bill And Andrea Groner want to give you 50 million dollars from their charity. SCAM. - Klaus Switon wants you to contact him at SCAMMER. - Claims that you're uncle has money from you. - Job Offer that wants you to pay them money. - Loan scam. - Phishing scam. Don't download attachment. and - Phishing scam. - James Thomas +22678002881 wants to give you a fake ATM card while he steals your real ATM number and drains your bank account. - Romance phishing scam. & - Fake 15.5 million dollar business proposal. - Central Bank of Benin with Japanese domain name wants to know why you haven't received their funds. Perhaps because there are none... - Phishing scam claims missed google messages. Delete this one quickly. - FAKE FBI scam. Claims they have money for you. If only the real FBI could catch these bastards. and - Have a fictional deed for some property you have never heard of. They should take their deed and shove it. - Promises you money, but the end result is not so funny. Avoid. - Another idiot trying to separate you from your cash. - Claims to be a warlord. - Phishing scam. - Free ATM card. Free chance to lose your money... - More promises of charity from an overseas source. - PRomises you money from a deceased relative. Too bad, they're not the ones dead. - Claims to be from Bank of England and has money for you. Yeah, right. - Dating scam. She really wants to meet me. I'd like to meet this crook when he's behind bars. and More romance scammers. Most likely a fat Nigerian guy looking to break your heart and take your money. - Another phishing scam. - More people claiming they have money for you from the Bank of Africa. - Khalid Buhazza with the email in the body of is trying to deceive you into a certified mail scam. - Has attachment that will no doubt make you and your computer sick. - Claims your paypal account is limited. Really a phishing scam. Don't click. - Fake Fed Ex announcement about package not being delivered. Do not download the attachment. - They have a proposal for you that they want you to download. Stay away from this indecent proposal. - Claims to be the daughter of murdered dictator Muammar Gaddafi with a share of his vast fortune. Thing is her first name is actually spelled ayesha. Definitely a scammer. Besides, taking money from a former hostile dictator could earn you a visit from Uncle Sam. - Phishing scam claims to give you lowe's gift card. - Claims to be Tim Bophal from the Bank of Cambodia. Needs your assistance. Or more like your money. Bad investment right there. and - Claims to have funds from a deceased client. Same Bulls@#$t. Different scammer. & - Looking to loan you money. Looks sketchy to me. - Claims to know the wife of the president of Ghana. Yeah, and I know Michelle Obama and Lauren Bush. True scammer. - Phishing scam claims suspicious activity on your microsoft email account. - Another scam trying to get you to download a trojan horse to your computer. Sender claims that your microsoft account needs to be upgraded. Notice how it is from and not & - Mrs.Christine Lagarde want 350 dollars from you to open an account in Africa so she can transfer money ($5,000,000) from the International Monetary Fund to you. Contact Barrister Frank Daniel and tell him to go to hell. - Another romance scam. Strange, same picture I saw under a different name a few weeks ago. - Porn site Phishers. - Vusi Ndlovu wants you to invest in their scam. - Mr. John Silvester Varley claims to be the chief executive in charge of Auditing and Accounting section of the Barclays Bank Plc. London, United Kingdom wants to split 16 million dollars with you. Really? And he doesn't even know your name??? & - Needs your help. We know where that's heading. -So called Christian Adoption Center wants to do business with you. I don't think these people do work that Jesus Christ would approve of. - Elena asks your name and in turn claims to remember you. Wants you to download a picture that will infect your computer. - Another private message from a beautiful white woman who wants to talk to you. Hate to see what is really behind the fake email. - From Japan, they want you to receive 9.5 million dollars from a fake inheritance. - Fake American Soldier wants to you download an infected file. Delete this email immediately. - Jones Zongo was you to help them to get 5.7 million out of some account and they will give you 25 percent. For a price of course. And there is no real money just yours that you will give this piece of garbage. - John Zego has this for you from the Central Bank Of Nigeria his Telephone number is +234-9093281218 and he CONFIDENTIAL DIPLOMATIC IMMUNITY CASH DELIVERY PAYMENT. SCAM!!!!

ongratulations - Get your Free $200 Nike Gift Card. Click on the link and the scammers will be claiming victory. - Has attachment with virus wants to know if she can trust. Don't trust her!! - More executives from the so called Bank of Africa with money for you. However, you have to pay a fee to get it. - Romance scam. Another photo stolen. - They are interested in employing you as our Accounts receivable agent, you will be paid 10% as commission for all collections made on behalf of our company and a monthly pay. However, they don't address you or give you their name. Complete BS. - Major Rebecca Schieble. is an American soldier. She wants you to download a document that probably contains harmful material to your computer. Fake soldier and pure scammer. - MR.MARCEL OWURAH with an email of wants to give you 1.5 million but first he wants you to give him thousands of dollars and he will disappear. His TELEPHONE: +229-94-06-77-68. and - They claim to need your help. They want to rip you off. and and - Stay away from MRS PAVOL VASERMAN. Caution. Scammer ahead.​ - Wants you reply to this email from someone with an account named Ralf-Uwe Kühnel ( Yet, the person who signs the email is named Mrs. Wang Yan. Pure marks of a hijacked email and scam. - Edwin Johnson Jay, everyone's friend from the Bank of Africa wants your personal information so he can have you deposit money into his accounts and he can disappear with your profits. - Mr Benjain Chad111 wants you to listen to his proposal. You should propose that he takes his business elsewhere. Maybe North Korea would be a good choice. and - Has a proposal for you. Most likely an indecent one. - Veronica claims she has cancer and has money from a gold mine for you. In reality she really is sick. Sick with greed. - Phishing scam. Claims your Wells Fargo account has had too many login attempts. Thing is, I don't have a Wells Fargo account. - Email claiming to be from James Comey, the Director of the FBI is sending you money. Even though he doesn't know your name. and Claims to call themselves Mrs. Hijab Mohammed and from a company called Financial Pvt Ltd and wants to give you a loan approval in 60 minutes with 100 percent approval. Well this is a guarantee that you will lose your money in sixty minutes. and - Dr.Kabo Uago with the phone number of +226 65974887 has an inheritence for you. This doctor is really a quack. and - Scam Victims Compensation Fund want to tell you are getting compensation for being scammed before. and - Adrian Bayford has won the lottery and wants to share it with you. The only lottery this guy will get is your money if you fall for this garbage. - Captain Kate Carr has you on her blind carbon copy list and wants to discuss business with you. Claims to be in US Military fighting ISIS. In reality they are probably thousands of miles in an internet cafe trying to scam everyone but members of ISIS. and - Mr. John Madan wants you to contact his account officer Pastor Rich at his phone number of +2347060996152 so he can make you poor with his non-existent ATM card. - Your friend Tom Bello wishes you peace unto you and your family. He is a banker by profession from Burkina-Faso in West Africa. He has 8.5 million dollars he wants to transfer to you. Only thing is, he wants a transfer fee of thousands of dollars. Another keyboard criminal. - Another romance scammer wants you to respond and they promise to send you pictures of some woman they and you have never met. - Juliette Kouauo wants to give you 15 percent of 25.2 million dollars. What a generous person. Or if you really knew her intentions. A scumbag. & They want you to know that you won a BMW. Trust me you did not win a BMW. They do not even know your name. - Possibly a hijacked email. User claims to be Sydney and wants to discuss something with you. - Patrick Allen is trying to get you to click on a link that will most likely infect your computer with malware. and - Romance Scam from Japan. Godzilla isn't the only monster that comes from there. - Wants to give you a loan. Somewhat shady. - John Daniel with a possible work from home scam. Give him money and wait forever for your paycheck. - Captain Kate Carr from the United States army has more recovered merchandise for you. For a price of course. Another fraud. - Spammer advertising viagra. Stay away from the link. - Draghi, Katherine Knox wants to offer a twelve month position. The only real opportunity here is to lose your money. - Arpita Singh wants to discuss a mobile business application with you. Not sure if it's a scam but not the best way to advertise your business. - Claims Fed Ex can't make a delivery. Funny, I wasn't expecting anything from Fed Ex. Notice the email says mail2party. - A so called banker from Africa has money from someone who died in the Indonesia Tsunami. Why does a so called banker not use an email from gmail and not their bank? - A fake What'sApp message. Another phishing scam trying to steal your information. - & fernandezagnesrfernandezss@ccowzb.deWhat'sApp Scammer. Delete this email immediately. & - Fed Express scammer from France. Wants you to click on poisonous link. Too bad we can't get Fed Ex to deliver them to Prison. - Mrs. Taiba Ondikwa wants your personal information (and money) so she can rip you off while she claims she has a %1.5 million transfer from the West African country of Benin for you. Taiba is probably some guy in drag and has a lengthy criminal record. Here is his/her number +22998092770 and - Scammers claiming they have federal grants. - Romance Scammer. Probably a guy in West Africa somewhere and not a beautiful looking european woman, - Paul ikemba wants to transfer millions of dollars to you. Claims he's from Prudential Insurance. One would hope he has a life insurance policy and that a truck hits him. - Greg Finley has a donation for you. Possibly a hijacked email from the college in Washington. - Dr. Alessandro Barbini is looking for investment opportunities. In other words, people to sucker and scam. - Miss Eleev Belaid from the north African country of Tunisia has an investment of 5.8 million for you. - Looking to talk to you so they can scam you. Delete this email. - Another so called African heiress dieing from cancer. Thing is people like this are really the deadly tumors. & - Another scam using Jesus Christ to scam you of your money. Just another bad person on the internet. - Everyone's friend David Williams has 15.8 Million Us Dollars for you. Catch is you have to give him hundreds to get it. With friends like these, who needs enemies??? - Fed Ex phishing scam. & & +2348158380516 - - You just won the Australian Lottery even though you've been there nor played a lottery ticket there. If you fall for this you have problems because the next lottery you will win will probably claim to be from the planet of Mars.

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Unidentified Persons A tshirt found on an unidentified woman has a clue that points to Connecticut.

Unidentified Persons Page 2 Did a dead hitchhiker gives a clue as to where he was from?

Rhode Island Cold Cases A phone caller taunts the mother of a missing woman.

Rhode Island Cold Cases Page 2 An exotic dancer plans to leave the industry and is slain.

Massachusett's Cold Cases The murder of an unidentified woman still haunts Cape Cod thirty years later.

Massachusett's Cold Cases Page 2 A brutal murder of a young European Au Pair murder still resonates through Boston.

Massachusett's Cold Cases Page 3 A Criminal Justice Major executed for selling drugs?

Vermont's Cold Cases A college student disappears before she is to take a final exam.

New Hampshire's Cold Cases A College student vanishes after a car accident.

Other Cases Who were some of the accomplices of a real life “Doctor Evil”?

New York Cold Cases Is Long Island being terrorized by several serial killers?

New York Cold Cases Page 2 A Teenaged Couple goes to a Rock Concert and end up missing...

New Jersey's Cold Cases Two teenagers are murdered after leaving for a trip to a nearby mall.

New Jersey's Cold Cases Page 2 A Brazilian Exchange Student goes missing.

Unsolved Hit and Run Cases A 30 year old hit and run death with a most unlikely suspect.

Maine's Cold Cases Thirty year old cold case of murdered hitchhiker still unsolved.

Texas Cold Cases The brother of a famous football is still missing more than a decade later.

California Cold Cases Justice eludes two forgotten victims of the infamous Altamont Speedway Concert.

Missouri Cold Cases Did Man killed outside of hunting lodge know his killer?

Southern US Cold Cases The murder of an Atlanta Policeman remains unsolved.

Mid-Atlantic US Cold Cases A former political aide to a powerful senator is killed by an unusual instrument.

MidWest US Cold Cases A horrible robbery turns into a massacre.

Western US Cold Cases Who is unidentified murder victim?

National and International Cold Cases A young mother in East St. Louis is brutally murdered and a man slain remains unidentified.

Possible Serial Killings An area near a stretch of highway has a grisly history.

Cold Cases Solved The Dinnertime Bandit is finally captured.

Tattoos on Unidentified Victims A Tattoo of a peach leads to more questions.

Safe Driver Tips for Teens How to keep safe.

Sex Offender Registries and Inmate Locators All Fifty States...

419 and Fake Phone Tech Scammers Assorted youtube videos of different people dealing with assorted scammers.

Email Database of Scammer's email addresses Look and see if the suspicious sender of an email you received is an actual scammer

Unidentified Pedophiles and Known Sex Crimes Fugitives Several man remain unidentified in an infamous doctor's collection of illegal child pornography.

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