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Small Group of People May know who Teenager's killer is

On the night of December 4th 1978, nineteen year old Theresa Corley left the Train Stop (a restaurant/bar) in the town of Franklin, Massachusetts. She had gone with several people she knew to the Presidential Arms Apartments on West Central Street (also known as Route 140). It is believed that she had an altercation and left the apartments and decided to walk back to her home in Bellingham, Massachusetts. She had been last seen walking in the Bellingham section of town which was about a mile from where she resided. She would never make it to her house alive.

Her body was found a few days later just off the Interstate 495 northbound lanes. Law Enforcement is adamant that there are people that might know what happened to Theresa Corley and are asking for those people to come forward. Despite this being a cold case, it has grown warm. If you have information about this case please contact either the Bellingham Police Tip Line at 508-657-2863 or via email at or the Franklin Police Tip Line at 508-440-2780 or via email at

The Norfolk District Attorney can also be contacted at 617-593-8840 as well.

Mystery of Two Boys Murdered Still Unresolved Decades Later

On October 6th, 1988, Police found the remains of two teenaged black males. They were found deceased in a wooded area off of Eldon Street. They had been shot to death. One of them police believe, may have gone by the name of Clayton. He may have been as young as 14 and was 5 foot 4 inches tall. He weighed 130 pounds and had short cropped black hair with brown eyes. When found he wore a gray sweater, a blue shirt, a pair of blue jeans, red underwear, white socks, and a pair of white Avia sneakers.

The second unidentified male could have gone by the name “Hooker”. He was found next to Clayton and is believed to be around the ages of 15 to 17 years old. and five foot ten inches tall. He wore • Black sweatshirt, black Joy Vence slacks with pin stripes, a green army belt, a pair of black underwear, blue socks, and white Nike sneakers.

Boston Police believe that both boys may be from the borough of the Bronx in New York City. They could also be of Jamaican ancestry.

Anyone with information can contact the Detective John F. Cronin from the Cold Case Unit at Boston Police Homicide at the phone number of (617)343-5837. You can also call anonymously into the CrimeStoppers Tip Line at 1-(800)-494-TIPS. Those with information about this case can also text the word ‘TIP’ to CRIME (27463).

Additional information can be found here

Police Looking for Clues in Murder of Peabody Woman

It was just after 1:20 pm when on February 16, 1988, a man and woman called police after finding a woman’s body in a dumpster at the rear of 111 Everett Ave. in the town of Chelsea. The woman was later identified as Lisa Anne Miller-Messar, who was 25 years of age and a resident of Peabody, Massachusetts. According to a family member of the victim, she had been involved in a lifestyle of drugs and prostitution.

An autopsy revealed that Lisa had suffered fatal trauma to her head and neck area. Her death was determined to be a homicide. The investigation, has grown cold over the years and no evidence has been sufficient to charge any person as a suspect in this murder. The case remains open, Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office, the Suffolk State Police Detective Unit and Chelsea Police, are looking for any information that can provide closure in this case. Tips can be sent to State Police detectives at 617-727-8817 or the Chelsea Police detectives at 617-466-4843. If you wish to remain anonymous may also call the Chelsea Police CrimeStoppers tip line at 617-466-4880. You can text the word CHELSEA and their information to TIP411 (847411), or submit information online at

Killers in 2007 Murder Videotaped But Not Identified

March 3, 2007 Ronald Yonuss was murdered by three men as they followed him into the entrance of the Admirial Hill Building on Commandants Way in Chelsea. He was twenty three years old. A minute-long video shows three men, two wearing hoodies and one whose face is visible and talking on a cell phone. They follow Yonuss close behind as he enters his apartment building. About 30 seconds later, the three suspects are then videotaped running out after the fatal shooting. Two of the suspects are believed to be black males. This was a senseless act of violence and the Police need your help to identify those responsible.

To see video of the attackers please click here at

If you have any information about this case please call the Chelsea Police Department’s anonymous tip line at 617-466-4880 or the Suffolk District Attorney at 617-727-8817.

Gunshot Execution of College Student Still Unsolved

Despite being a criminal justice major at Northeastern University, 21 year old James H. Cassidy of Worcester had a side business selling marijuana. On a Monday evening of the May 12, 2003. Three or four individuals broke into his apartment at 204 Hemenway Street in Boston. Their faces had been covered by hoodies and bandanas. They tied up four occupants of the place by duct taping their hands and feet. They were heard shouting “Where’s the Weed?” and “Where’s Jimmy?”. An alleged confrontation soon followed between the perpetrators and Cassidy. Cassidy was shot several times in the legs and died hours later at Brigham and Women’s Hospital where he expired at 1:30 a.m. Not much is known about the suspects but the crime had been planned. One witness noticed that some of them may have been drinking alcohol.

Despite his activities, Cassidy was a victim of a violent crime. He left behind family and friends who are traumatized by his homicide. Anyone with information about this incident is asked to contact the Boston Police Homicide Unit at 617- 343-4470 or the CRIMESTOPPERS TIPLINE AT 1-800-494-TIPS.

Almost 20 Years Later, Five month Old Baby Is Still Missing

On November 7, 1998, Yolanda I. Castillo reported to Worcester Police that her five month old foster son Marlon Devine Santos was missing. His foster parents waited forty eight hours before notifying law enforcement that little Marlon had disappeared from their home at 175 Eastern Avenue. At one point, police received information that he could be found along the banks of the Wachusett Reservoir in the town of Holden. A search turned up a baby blanket, diaper and other items, but no Marlon. The foster father, Jose Castillo has a criminal record and was convicted of sexually assaulting a foster daughter. Some in Law Enforcement believe that baby Marlon is deceased, but another theory points to him being alive and illegally sold to adoptive parents. If you have any information about the whereabouts of Marlon Devin Santos please call Worcester Police at 508-799-8606.

Man Stabbed to death in front of Son

Few murders shake the population of a large city like Worcester. However, on Feb. 23, 1991, 28 year old Bruce Wood was stabbed to death in front of his five year old son as they walked back from a McDonalds Restaurant. Police found Wood deceased at Chestnut Street behind Fanning Trade High School, his young son kneeling by his body. It is believed that Wood had been a target of a robbery and had been stabbed several times in the back and once in the chest. The murder suspect was described as being a black male around 20 to 25 years of age, around six feet tall and about 160 to 170 pounds. For more information about this case click on this article by the Worcester Telegram. If you have any information about this case you are asked to contact the Worcester Police Department at (508) 799-8655.

A Chilling Message From a Killer?

Warwick, Massachusetts is a quiet rural town not far from the New Hampshire border. The quiet was disturbed when on June 24th in the 1988, parts of a white adult females legs and arms were found. Her death was ruled a homicide and her head and torso were not recovered and believed to have been disposed of elsewhere. The case has baffled Law Enforcement as there are two mysteries to solve here. Who is she? And who murdered her? It is believed that she was around five feet and five inches tall and in her thirties or older. She also is believed to have had a strong and athletic build. Somebody must be wondering what happened to their daughter, sister or friend. If you think you know who this unidentified woman is please contact the Massachusetts State Police at (413)774-3186.

Member of Commune Murdered and No Clue Who Did It

When the commune group "The Brotherhood of Spirit" people from New England and elsewhere came together to live in a Utopian society. Led by a charismatic leader named Michael Metelica Rapunzel, the group had several properties in the towns of Warwick, Gill and elsewhere. In the mid seventies the group would soon start to change directions and thus changed their name to Community Renaissance. By the mid 80s the group would be fractured due to different ideologies as well as banning the founder (Metelica Rapunzel) from their properties.

The commune would entertain many members and their children over the years and that included many transients and locals that had violent tendencies. In September of 1973, a member of the group named Peter Luban was murdered. The 18 year old had worked at the Whatley Diner and is believed to have been murdered as he hitch hiked to his home to 88 Main Street in the town of Northfield. His body was found about thirty five feet behind a rest stop on Interstate 91 in the town of Deerfield, he died from being stabbed in the throat. It was rumored that he may have been killed by locals that were upset with the presence of the commune in their community. To date, no one has even been identified as the killer of the young man.

Two Murders Remain Unsolved in Town of Granby

Reinhold T. Kruger was 49 years old and a resident of East Longmeadow. He was an executive with Springfield Diamond Match Company when he disappeared May 9th, 1980. He would be found in a wooded section off of Carver Street in the town of Granby. He had been shot to death. was found shot to death in a wooded section of Granby in June 1980. To date, his murder has never been solved.

Another unsolved case involves the murder of an unidentified white female believed to be between the ages of 19 and 27. She was discovered on November 15, 1978 and died from being shot in the temple of the head. She was nearly skeletonized when found but is believed to be around five foot four and had dirty blond hair. A gravestone was put on her burial plot and her killer has never been identified. Locales refer to her as "Granby Girl".

If you have any information about these two murders, please contact the Granby, Massachusetts police department at (413) 467-9222.

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